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Sunday, December 11, 2011

More Christmas pics

                         We added some new games to our class after shopping at Walmart on black Friday.

                      Don't ask what he was doing.  Jay is such a character.  The kids all watched him as he was asking them" where am I going" with giggles.  He kept running into things and we all just laughed right along with him.  I guess he was quite entertained.  Look at Allen looking at him laughing.

                        Yeah....we got a new sink for our class.  Just have to paint the patched up wall where we had to put the bracket.  I'm so excited!  No longer going across the carpet with painted, shaving cream, gluey, etc. hands. The faucet needs to be installed and this will be done this coming weekend.
                      The ship is sailing, everyone get under the ping pong table and get on before it leaves.

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