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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Christmas Season at Little Foxes Childcare

Its beginning to look a lot like Christmas,,,at the Little Foxes Childcare House!!
I had help this year putting the lights out on the house, and I LOVE it!  Next year I would like to do all the peaks on my roof.  

This year we decided instead of doing the numbers on the calendar we would do the Christmas chain.  So each day we take turns pulling a strand off the chain that is hanging on our circle time wall.  Of course this was all new to the kids and kind of frustrating till they got the hang of it so we made it extra long just to practice.  I took the extra and just made 2 chains.

CHRISTMAS TREES with cold squish paint that goes between their fingers.

                                            Topped with a gold star and candy cane stickers.

                                   It was Jay and Allen's turn for Christmas Trees. They just left the snow table.
                                   In which you will see in the following pictures.  

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