The FUN DAYS we have at Miss Karri's

Thursday, September 16, 2010

After having to buy a new charger for my camera, I got a little picture happy this week.
I kept the camera in my pocket and just starting snapping pics of the kids while they were engaged in doing something.

A few peppers and tomatoes from the garden, and a bunch of tabasco peppers.  I'm always scared know when the kids pick the peppers after one busted open and their lips were burning, because it was on their hands.  
I told Jay he can not make guns and shoot, so he makes spaceships and flies with shooters on them.  so creative.

Jay and I were looking for all the letter "A"s

WHERES MY MUMMY.....the SCARY story.  We all read together in our circle.

YES my camera is straight, the blocks are about to take a dive and both Jeremiah and Teagan are going to get mad.  Until I showed them that we got the best action shot..."look at this cool pic you made by making the blocks fall over?"  Then that was okay.  Look at Teagans face, he is about to pass out.
The car wash didn't stand to long before falling over.

So Jay went to give Barron a hug, but they sqeezed each other so tight, it was too cute.

As Lyli is putting the ABC puzzle together she stops... takes a break...starts dancing and sings the ABC song.  Then Breken sings along with her.

Eye hand cordination. Sometimes the simpliest things in life are so hard for the little ones.
It is always interesting to watch and see what things they can accomplish. 

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