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Monday, March 8, 2010

DR SEUSS Birthday
Pulled out all the Dr Seuss books we have, and read different ones each day.
At first the kids were wondering who is he, after I mentioned CAT IN THE HAT then they remembered. The books are on the ledge with the rest, but since I pulled them all out they were intrigued. Isaiah is reading Green Eggs & Ham to the kids after I read it.

The week prior we learned about patterns, so when it was time to make the hat the kids realized this is a pattern. "Red, white, red, white" Then we used chalk to write names on the back

LOVE THIS PICTURE. The kids didn't notice I had the camera in my lap. They were so into GREEN EGGS & HAM......they also wondered was he ever gonna eat those green eggs.
After asking the kids if they would eat it they all said NO WAY. Isaiah said only white eggs.
But we did have green pancakes from Teagan and his mom. They loved them.

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